Owners letter



Owners letter


The Palacio de San Benito born as Family House is the recreation of a past found and homage to the love of a mother and family of this, one of the most beautiful and full of history of Spanish Geography places.
The mining area of ​​Constantina, Guadalcanal, San Nicolas and Almaden, has been exploited since the beginning of our civilization, Cerro del Hierro was exploited by Turdetanos heirs of Tartessos and from the Romans time, Visigoths, Arabs and Finally Christians to almost the present day, today declared a National Monument.

It was the Puerta de Andalucía and a branch in the path of the Plata, Camino de Santiago (San Benito born as Chapel of the Order of Calatrava in the Camino de Santiago).

Important stage in the fratricidal struggles of Don Pedro and his brother Don Enrique, cot Loves Master of Santiago Don Fadrique Enriquez with Dove Jewish daughter of his butler and descendienta of the Royal House of Judah, which in 1354 Don Alonso was born in Guadalcanal Enrriquez grandfather of the Catholic King and progenitor of the Dukes of Alcalá, of Medina del Rioseco and the highest houses of Spain and builders Seville House of Pilate.

King Don Pedro and Edward, the Black Prince hunted bears in these parts and the Ruby of Don Pedro sealed their friendship, now shines in British Imperial Crown, also left his Royal lineage in Guadalcanal, the tomb of his descendants are still in the Parish of Santa Ana.
That Estirpe Real de Castilla descend and from then until now, were marrying relevant members of the Order of Santiago with nobles, soldiers and administrators of the kingdom.

Casas Grandes noble Guzman, Santiago Calvo Band, Ponce de León, Alvarez de Toledo, etc. settled

Road transport of metals, animals, wines and brandies started from these lands. Passage area Cattle Fairs Zafra and Mairena.
The wine Cazares and served Guadalcanal very important to provide the War of Granada and the beginning of the Carrera de Indias, then it was the brandy. It’s the first American strain comes from Cazalla.

The Catholic Monarchs, pass through these lands as anyone who snore or Extremadura and Castilla rise.
Queen Isabel of Portugal by going to marry the Emperor Carlos passing through these lands was aided with water from its source by an ancestor of ours, to go through their farms, leaving forever the name of Source Reina at one of the vineyards payments finest, even in exquisite production.

King Felipe V after marrying her Prince of Asturias passage through these lands and chose to spend a summer al fresco Cazallero, not wanting to return to their actual work, the whole Court enjoyed everything that this land can offer. And it was our family’s Forero de Guzman Guzman and González de Andia and Valero, which opened their homes and still do today.

The Fernández de Jodar arrive at that moment as real aposentadores and marry the Texeiro Valcárcel and Diaz Chavez (These Patrons of the Virgen del Monte and Waitresses family and have been since the sixteenth century and without interruption until recently, Member of the Family De Jodar and their descendants Older Brothers, Butlers, Secretaries and Waitresses last was Concepción Arnaud Lopez Cepero, who succeeded his aunt Concepcion Arnaud de Jodar and his mother is Jodar Carballido Conception great-great aunt of mine) goes from forever and then continue.

In the Roaring Twenties, a conference organized Hunting His Majesty Don Alfonso XIII on family farms that were adapted for this, again the family home to the Royal Family and its Court in their cottages.
Today Don Juan Carlos I still follows the tradition of Hunter elders and honor us with their presence in these lands.

In the late nineteenth century my great-grandfather Cazalla Mayor Don Francisco de Bonilla and White in 1892 founded the Anis Manuel Corona and his brother Prince anise they were the first to export the Industrial Anis form throughout Spain and Latin America.

After many factories would be established and other families settled in the village who won the title of City. It was the moment of greatest growth in the area.

Since then Cazalla has maintained its purity and openness of Cazalleros used for centuries to meet visitors are smart hosts who know how to cater to visiting us and want to know.

In memory of my mother want all this material and intangible heritage had a space as a tribute. For my profession Decorator and Charles of Antiquario that facilitated the work and in a few years the project of rehabilitation and new construction was completed.

Our original intention to facilitate people who may be interested to know our world of reality and fantasy, made us think that open all the rooms and halls, with our family bought our furniture and objects for years, is the best way to share and show a way of life no longer used, and equity that are only beneficial owners at the end.

Again this is our home, not born as a hotel or anything like that, but the bureaucracy cataloged us as Bed.

So we should and we do submit to the rules, but the treatment and dedication to the people who visit us be another at a rural hotel use, we see them as guests and as such will be considered for this purpose and to their exclusivity only those staying in our rooms or previously reserve, and be able to use in classrooms, galleries, courtyards and eat in our dining room.
We do not want any curious disturb La Paz of our customers, who are our beneficiaries who pay for the exclusive use and allows us to continue to open our inner world.

Much obliged

Manuel Morales de Jodar

Carlos Marañón de Arana