Surroundings and Activities in San Benito

Cazalla de la Sierra

Palacio de San Benito is situated in the village center of the beautiful location of Cazalla de la Sierra, in the northern sierras “Sierra Norte” of Seville, only 75Km from the Andalusian capital. This village is located at 593 meters above sea level. It has an extension of 353.2km2 and a population of 5,263 inhabitants.
Its principal activities of production are breeding farms, pork & wool, manufacturing of cork, the Anis liqueur and Rural Tourism.

Spread throughout its municipal quarters of natural enchantment are, its outstanding Roibera del Hueznar, where there are reserves for trout fishing, the Pantano de Pintado, the rio Viar or la Ribera del Benalijar. Also count on many reserves for sport and big game hunting.

Cazalla de la Sierra has always been a first order urban center. The nearby caves of Santiago are witness to its Neolithic period, followed by Roman Calletum over a Cartagenese fortification and the Muslim Cazala. It was conquered by the Christians in 1247, reaching its splendor in the XVI and XVII centuries, when cereal, wines and liqueur multiplied its importance and population. In the year 1730, Felipe V passed two Summer months in the Villa.
It is a location packed with historic traces of its splendor and domain. The location gives name to a famous liqueur from the XVII century.


Monterías y Caza Menor

The natural surroundings where Cazalla de la Sierra is situated, in the heart of Sevillas Sierra Morena and surrounded by large reserves of game, permits the visitors to have the hunting grounds at a maximum distance of one hour from the hotel. The principal offer that this establishment offers to its clients is the oldest and most traditional form of big game hunting, “Montería y Rececho”.

Monteria is the oldest and most traditional of our form of hunting, unique in the world, in where all hunters, at some time, have dreamed of participating. The animals that can be hunted in this area are primarily venison and javelin, although there are reserves where you can also hunt for fallow deer and muflones.

In regards to small game hunting we organize shooting sessions for partridge and pheasant. In the month of August we also organize shooting sessions for torcaces and tortolas type of pigeon.


Horseback riding

The diverse open air activities in the natural surroundings of Cazalla de la Sierra, we organize excursions in horseback and hiking through the beautiful trails of Sierra Morena, offering the enjoyment of very special locations like the riverbank of the rio Hueznar, between heavy vegetation and multiple cascading waterfalls, or the beautiful stony “Cerro del Hierro”. Whether your are walking or on a beautiful cartujano horse, you will live unforgettable moments, immersed in the virgin nature of the Natural Park of this Northern Mountain range of Seville.



The natural outdoor surroundings of Cazalla offer the best scene for any activity. We organize hiking excursions to the impressive landscapes of the Sierra Morena mountain range, offering the enjoyment of special places such as the shores of the Huéznar river, nestled between leafy cracked vegetation and castcating waterfalls, or the stony beauty of the Hill “Cerro del Hierro”. You will discover the virgin nature of the Sevillian North Mountain range.


Bicycle routes

For the more adventurous, we have some proposes or routes to visit essentials places like:

  • Cazalla de la Sierra
  • Villanueva del Río y Minas
  • Las Navas de la Concepción
  • El Real de la Jara
  • Puebla de los infante
  • Castilblanco de los arroyos
  • San Nicolás del Puerto


Massage service

We have a massage service to help to you to recovery after an exhaustiva day.

Our service will take you to an azahar, lavender and wisteria’s world, where your senses will unite together your body.

Prices, Treatments, rate y reserves to consult.


Carriage horse rides

Within our offer of activities in San Benito, the one related to the horse occupies the spotlight. And what better way to get feel for the surroundings of Cazalla de la Sierra than to enjoy a stroll in a magnificent Carriage of Horses, harnessed to our most traditional way. You will experience the enjoyment of one of the most exclusive traditions of Andalusia.


Slaughter of the Pig

In the rural world the slaughtering of a pig is one of the most traditional Spanish events, still maintained, next to many others almost disappeared, in places like Cazalla, where their ways and customs of other times have survived. Enjoy the popular Northern Sierra Gastronomy of this peculiar culinary celebration.


Antique courses

In the philosophy of El Palace de San Benito is not only present the warm welcome but also a building full of History and acclimated with the most exclusive art and furniture. We want to offer to our hosts the possibility of deepening their knowledge and enjoy these antique objects. The owners of the Palace, experienced professional in the world of antiques, specialized seminaries are organized that will allow the visitor to go deep in the secrets of this exciting field, encircles in diverse aspects such as the historical valuation or the techniques of restoration and conservation.


Paint Courses

Cazalla de la Sierra, in its wonderful setting of the Northern Sierra, has always been a reason for inspiration to numerous artists. In San Benito we want to offer the visitor the benefit of enjoying diverse artistic activities of different sort. Within the activities, emphasized is the Painting course that we impart to our hosts. You will know in depth the techniques, with which the experience will enrich your stay wih us.


Courses and seminars about music

In this section, our Hotel organize seminars, symposia and lectures courses are intended to study music. Annually develop more of these activities, both as owners own proposal request, the purpose is simply to enjoy the music -of knowledge of different kind-whether it is an inveterate music lover as a novice in this field.


Concert and Theatrical Performances

Closely related to the above activity, in El Palacio de San Benito, also organized for the enjoyment of our concert guests, musical and theatrical performances. Thus, depending on the organization, you can enjoy both a chamber concert as a representation of classics and contemporary in the unique context of our Hotel.


Flamenco Dance

Visiting Andalusia is the best occasion to know and enjoy the most universal dance and music of Spain; the Flamenco. In San Benito we organize courses of Flamenco Dance in which you will be able to improve or to begin in this choreography, perfecting your Sevillana style dance technique nevertheless allowing yourself to enter in a the deep levels of this Art.


Guided Cultural Visits

Magical towns with its secular monuments. Hidden History that will surprise the visitor by its greatness. Old traditions that miraculously survive, unknown to these times. An impressive natural region with the most beautiful flora and fauna. A whole world to discover and that we will also help him know more by our cultural means and by the numerous routes of this Northern Sierra.