The Palacio de San Benito born as Family House is the recreation of a past found and homage to the love of a mother and family of this, one of the most beautiful and full of history of Spanish Geography places.
The mining area of Constantina, Guadalcanal, San Nicolas and Almaden, has been exploited since the beginning of our civilization, Cerro del Hierro was exploited by Turdetanos heirs of Tartessos and from the Romans time, Visigoths, Arabs and Finally Christians to almost the present day, today declared a National Monument.

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In El Palace de San Benito you will encounter many unforgettable corners full of charm which makes this a unique place.

The central Patio
The Patio of columns, the fountain, the XVI century mosaic tiles, the background settings of water and plants, makes this a haven for reading or enjoying a good snack.

The Fountain-Pool
Like the Roman pools, the palaces fountain-Pool models traces of the renaissance so spread out in the XVI century Seville. It is dedicated to the visit of Felipe V to the Village of Cazalla in 1730.

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Habitación del Rey

The personalized design creates a diverse ambiance and offers an experiance different in each room. Furnishings and art pieces of different epochs mix atmospheric quality and warmth.

King’s Room Habitación del Rey
Grand suite situated in the first floor of the building, with a main balcony facing the Paseo del Moro and magnificent views to the Sierra. Furnished with 17th and 18th century pieces, standing out are the Isabeline style armchairs, coming from a visit of Queen Isabella II to the Sevillian Mayor, Mr. José Morales, great-great-grandfather of the actual owner.







Monterías y Caza Menor.
The natural surroundings where Cazalla de la Sierra is situated, in the heart of Sevillas Sierra Morena and surrounded by large reserves of game, permits the visitors to have the hunting grounds at a maximum distance of one hour from the hotel. The principal offer that this establishment offers to its clients is the oldest and most traditional form of big game hunting.
Palacio de San Benito is situated in the village center of the beautiful location of Cazalla de la Sierra, in the northern sierras “Sierra Norte” of Seville, only 75Km from the Andalusian capital.




Getting to the Palace

Palacio de San Benito is situated in the urban center of this beautiful location of Cazalla de la Sierra, in the Sierra Norte of Seville, only 75Km from the Andalusian capital. This Village is located at 593 meters above sea level. It has an extension of 353.2km2 and a population of 5,263 inhabitants.

Entering from Seville by regional highway A- 432 we will enter immediately to the “Paseo del Moro”. Following a brief slope, the facade on the West end of the Palace will appear before the traveller announcing its arrival.

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Cazalla de la Sierra

41370 (Sevilla) España

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