Staying in El Palacio de San Benito

The personalized design creates a diverse ambiance and offers an experiance different in each room. Furnishings and art pieces of different epochs mix atmospheric quality and warmth.

King’s Room (Habitación del Rey)
Grand suite situated in the first floor of the building, with a main balcony facing the Paseo del Moro and magnificent views to the Sierra. Furnished with 17th to 19th century pieces, standing out are the Isabeline style armchairs, coming from a visit of Queen Isabella II of Spain to the Sevillian Mayor, Mr. José Morales, great-great-grandfather of the actual owner.







Queen’s Room (Habitación de la Reina)
The junior room of the hotel, wich communicates with the “Habitacion Del Rey” can become a comfortable suite. Of special mention is the 18th century Altar piece, silver plated and polychromed, as well as 17th to 19th century engravings.








Blue Canopy’s Room (Habitación Dosel Azul)
Features a canopy bed of family tradition, richly dressed with original “Toile de Jouie” and wrapped with a marvelous collection of pompeian and English engravings, as well as various drawings. Very elegant and calming.








Prints’ Room (Habitación de los Grabados)
Ninety engravings and drawings hang from the walls of this room with a special size bed and open bathroom.









Bullfighter’s Room (Habitación del Torero)
A magnificent 18th century embroidered carpet acts as a headboard tapestry. Hanging from the walls a collection of lithoghraps, representing different styles of carriages. From this room you have views to the village Bull Ring.








Private Gardens
The rooms of Frederick, El Infante, El Militar and Los Novios, in the lower floor connect with a small private garden. A pleasant space for relaxing or chating among the vegetation and the murmur of a fountain.

Frederick Castet’s Room (Habitación de Frederick Castet)
The furniture and the narrow fireplace frame are of English Art and Crafts, as well as the textiles designed by William Morris. Through a beautiful 19th century wrought-iron gate you can access a small but intimate garden. The room is dedicated to Frederick Castet, who was a great designer of the Christian Dior firm and friend of the owners.








Infante’s Room (Habitación del Infante)_MG_7508
Romantic room, very illuminated by two large windows that open to the private garden, with a marble fountaine an a sublime combination of plants. A female protrait signed by Escribano share the space with 19th century English and French lithoghraps.









General’s Room (Habitación del Militar)
This room is named after a painting despicting a general, hero of la Batalla de Bailén, the first battle lost by Napoleon during Napoleonic Wars. It is also decorated by a beautiful collection of 19th century Japanese art, with lacquered frames. Like the other rooms in the Lower Plant, this also has access to a small private garden.









Bridal suite (Habitación de los Novios)
The most spacious of the rooms. The headboard is of a baroque altar with mirrors and a frame lacquered in red. A coquettish corner, from where the light shines through a window, makes it the perfect space for a chatting, resting or reading while laying on an eduardiana Ottoman. the purpose of room is to confuse night with day, feeling like never leaving, watching the light through the intimate patio with a marble tub acting as a fountain. The magnificent bathroom is emphasized with a similar pair of 19th century bathtubs.